Website Management

Cob-WebsWe're all familiar with those spooky movies where the characters go into an old abandoned house and all you see is dust and "cobwebs" everywhere. The same can be said when an internet customer visits a website that has not been updated with current information. In fact, the term for this kind of website is a CobWeb, it literally looks and has been "abandoned", which is a terrible first impression for any business.

Many customers choose to turn over the administration of their website to us. This saves you time and allows you to focus on more important things, like your business.

You simply send us the content, and we make the necessary changes to your website. Generally, all changes are made within 48 hours depending on the type. Changes such as pictures and text can generally be made within a few hours after receiving them. This keeps your website current which is always a great appeal to potential customers.

Ways We Can Help You Manage Your Website

Content Management
Time to Update your website | Refreshedsites.comWebsite content is more important than ever. The content must speak an effective message to visitors; and that message should be as up-to-date as possible. We take the information provided by our customers and edit the text, if necessary, to make the message as effective as possible, then add it to your website.  Your website can inform your clientele of new opportunities, services, specials and sales or new products created for them, thereby generating return visits to your website and return customers. How often should you update your content? The Home page of your website should be updated once per month. This will also keep the search engines happy with your website.

Visitors ChartSearch Engine Traffic Report
Do you think traffic is only experienced in your car? The internet is full of traffic and it’s important to know how much traffic your website is generating.  We provide tracking and enhanced search engine services for many businesses. Our clients, on request, can get a monthly traffic report that tells them how many visitors they are getting and how many page loads they are generating.  

Refreshing Look
New and fresh content | Refreshedsites.comNot all websites require a redesign. Sometimes a website just needs a little “face lift” to give it a refreshed look to give it a competitive edge again. This can be done with the design of a new header image at the top of your web pages, a color change or the addition of new graphics or images. Contact us and we’ll take a look at your site and make suggestions on a fresh new look.

Client Sites Maintain Only

Most websites that we design, we also maintain. However if you are not in the market right now for a new website, we can discuss a "Refresh"of your site or do "maintenance only", leaving you with more time for your clients and business affairs.

This is a list of sites that we do "maintenance only."

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